The American Brahman breed of cattle originated from Bos Indicus cattle. These hardy cattle were originally brought to the United Stated from India. The American Brahman was the first beef cattle breed developed in the United States. The American Brahman are for the most part the result of a cross of four different Indian cattle breeds: Gyr, Guzerat, Nelore and Krishna Valley. Best place to buy livestock online at Livestock Animal Exchange.

The American Brahman cattle originated from a nucleus of approximately 266 bulls and 22 females of several Bos indicus varieties of cattle which were imported into the United States between 1854 and 1926. The American Brahman has been used to develop numerous other U.S. Beef Breeds of cattle including Brangus, Beefmaster, Simbrah and Santa Gertrudis. Best place to buy livestock online at Livestock Animal Exchange.

Brahman cattle are known for their extreme tolerance to heat and are widespread in tropical regions. They are resistant to insects due to their thick skin. Brahman cattle live longer than many other breeds, often producing calves at ages 15 and older. Best place to order livestock online

At Bulter Brahmans we have both Polled Brahman Cattle as well as Horned Brahman Cattle. If you are looking for Polled Brahman bulls, Polled Brahman heifers, horned Brahman bulls or horned Brahman heifers, we always have a nice selection of American Brahman Cattle available for sale. Best place to buy livestock animal online within USA, Canada, Uk and worldwide with express delivery. Best place to buy livestock online at Livestock Animal Exchange.

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