There are two Dorper sheep breeds, one with the characteristic black head [Dorpers] as well as one with a white head [White Dorpers]. Dorper sheep and White Dorper sheep begin to breed at seven months of age, and breed on a year round basis. Three lamb crops can usually be obtained from Dorper sheep in two years. A lambing percentage of 150% can frequently be obtained with Dorper sheep and White Dorper sheep. The Dorper lamb, being a meat sheep, grows rapidly, usually reaching a weaning weight of 80 pounds in 12 to 14 weeks.

Even though we ranch in Crockett County, the 2nd largest sheep producing county in the US, it is a struggle to find shearers…and when we do it is usually only on the weekend. The covering on Dorpers sheds naturally.

Unfortunately, wool as a commercial product is a losing proposition these days. The downward spiral of prices and the costs of labor are disconcerting. The savings in time and labor in not having to shear is appreciable. Dorper sheep also do better in our hot Southwest climate because they shed when warm weather comes.